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Pan / Tilt sur ROBE MiniME


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Vous devriez trouver que la personnalité de la Robe MiniMe est déjà incluse dans la bibliothèque de luminaires. La dernière version de la bibliothèque de fixtures est la v39.

Les paramètres 16 bits apparaîtront sous la forme d'une valeur comprise entre 0 et 65 535 sur les roues. C'est parce que c'est la valeur brute de 16 bits qui est envoyée via les canaux DMX grossiers et fins au luminaire, plutôt que le 0-255 habituel d'un paramètre 8 bits.

Cela vous donne donc un contrôle beaucoup plus fin des paramètres.

J'espère que cela t'aides,



You should find the personality for the Robe MiniMe is already included in the fixture library. The latest version of the fixture library is v39.

16bit parameters will appear as a value between 0-65535 on the wheels. This is because this is the raw 16bit value that is being sent via the coarse and fine DMX channels to the fixture, rather than the usual 0-255 of an 8bit parameter.

This therefore gives you much finer control of the parameters.

Hope this helps,


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38 minutes ago, jb07 said:

The first 4 DMX channels are: 1: PAN 2: PAN End 3: TILT 4: TILT end

Everything works but the DMX values of the console appear from 0 to 65535 instead of 0 to 255

Actually your first 4 channels will be:

1 Pan (MSB) (coarse) / 2 Pan (LSB) (fine) / 3 Tilt (MSB) (coarse) / 4 Tilt (LSB) (fine)

One DMX channel gives an 8-bit binary value, which is 0 to 255 in decimal (256 steps). This is too coarse to give usable angular control of a moving head (pan or tilt). For a 360 degree circle, with 256 values in the control channel, each value thus results in a 1.4 degree angular change. This is too much of a change for the beam throw in any practical situation - the beam would step too far across the stage with each increment/decrement in the DMX channel value.

Hence for parameters like Pan and Tilt, two channels are coupled together to give a 16-bit control value. This gives a decimal range of 0-65535 for that parameter. If a fixture has a Pan range of say 540 degrees, then the 16-bit Pan parameter gives a granularity of around 0.01 degrees per step. This is much better!

Some fixtures (like the Philips PL range) have a mode with a 16-bit intensity (dimmer) channel, but this is quite unusual. 256 steps for most parameters (intensity, colours, gobos) is usually more than adequate.

This is why your Pan and Tilt have a 0-65535 range - because they each use 2 DMX channels to get the required angular precision.

Hope that helps!

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This is the DMX map for the fixture:


If you only want 8-bit control for the Pan and Tilt you could write a fixture definition that did not include channels 2 and 4 (the "fine" channels). However you will get the "lumpy" control as I describe above.

An interesting little fixture that Robe!

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