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  1. Hello, I don't believe there is currently a way of doing this on FLX, however I may be wrong. I know you can with FROG2 which is running the same software so the function must be in there. To get the REMDIM function you can setup a UDK you're not using for REMDIM. To do this choose an empty UDK and hold SETUP + press it. You can then set it to have a function and shifted function, so you can choose REM DIM from the drop down list. Hope this helps Edward
  2. Hello, In version 7.9.2 of ZerOS Chases are now no longer programmed in a cue of a Cue stack, but instead need to be programmed as their own individual Playback (each step of the chase being an individual cue). Therefore in an empty Playback program each cue as each step of your chase. Then Hold SETUP + your Chase Playback -> Chase -> Turn into Chase. Your Playback will now act as a chase, and you have the option to configure your chase in this window such as setup its speed etc. In your main Cue Stack program your cue in which you want your chase to be triggered, by setting up your base state for the chase to play over the top of. Then move over to the Cue Settings field and press ENTER. Then click Macros... -> Trigger Cue Stacks Add -> Press the flash button of your Chase Playback. Then click enter. Then in the lighting cue you want your chase to stop in, go into the Cue Settings section again, and this time under Macros... press Release Cue Stacks Add and press the flash button of your chase. Your chase will then play when you go into your trigger cue in your main stack. Hope this helps Edward
  3. Hello, I replied in the other topic to this question! And the Blue Room Technical Forum is very good for various professional events related queries with very knowledgeable people on there! So although not Mac 250 Entour specific you'll be sure to get your questions answered. Edward
  4. Hello, The fans will always keep the lamp cool enough when it's on- and if in extreme cases it does start to overheat, its software will warn you and I believe automatically turn the lamp power down/ turn the lamp off. The method you describe of closing the shutters with 0% intensity is just a way of saving power when not in use. A quick way on FLX to send lamp on/ off commands is to press MACRO -> Automatically Create Macros, and this will create Lamp On and Off commands (depending on the fixture file). When you select your fixtures you can then press these macros to turn the lamps on and off. The nice thing about these macros is it staggers striking the lamps to ensure there isn't a huge strike current as they turn on at the same time. Hope this helps Edward
  5. Hi James, Yes to edit a cue in a playback press LOAD [then your playback number] / [your cue you want to edit] ENTER. The data will then be loaded into the programmer for you to edit. You can then make your changes and press UPDATE, ENTER. To Release whole attributes press HOME + ATTRIBUTE KEY (Position, Beamshape, Colour) To "Untag" a parameter (so that its data won't be recorded) hold CLEAR + Jog the wheel of the parameter you don't want to record. Hope this helps Edward
  6. Sadly irrespective of how much it teases me, I just can't afford one
  7. Intensity is found under the Position attribute. Press this and Intensity will be on the Middle finger wheel. Edward
  8. Hello, For more dimmer channels than the 48 channel faders provided, you have to patch them as fixtures. To do this press SETUP -> Add Fixtures -> Generic -> 8bit Dimmer -> Next Available Address-> Now click and hold the the first MFK, and then press the sixteenth to add in your 16 dimmer channels. The console will then automatically patch these in 1 to 1. To add your movers, LEDs and smoke machines, do exactly the same process using their specific fixture files in the library and matching their DMX address. You can then patch them on a different page of MFKs. Once you've finished patching, come out of Setup by pressing SETUP again, and then click FIXTURES. You will then see all of your patched fixtures on whatever page you patched them to. To control them click on the MFK of the fixture you want, and you will have the ability to manually bring up its intensity with the encoder wheel. Hope this helps Edward
  9. Hello, Solution can support 200 Playbacks (plus Master Playback) and 248 fixtures (200 plus number of channel faders (either 48 or 96 for Solution XL)). In Channel Mode the Wing therefore has 11 pages and in Playback Mode has 9 pages. What software version are you running? Does the console Freeze on page 11 of Channel mode as well as page 9 of Playback mode? Edward
  10. Hello, To access beat mode, make sure you are in RUN mode. Once in this mode press RIGHT arrow key to move to the flash mode field. Then toggle with the UP/DOWN arrows to get to the beat setting. You can then use the Flash button under your programmed Submaster as a tap tempo for your chase. The INSERT button is to control the Tap Tempo of a Chase programmed in the Memory Stack Edward
  11. That's a better idea. Scrolling through rather than pressing Next/Previous is a much nicer user interface. Could we still have a small keypad with this? Edward
  12. I think pre selecting fixtures may be the best way to do this. That way you can record a "Focus Group" that has all fixtures you need to focus in the order you want to focus them in. For example not necessarily incrementing in channel numbers, but the logical way you want to move round your lights with a ladder/ tallescope. Before focusing you can then press this group, and then have your Next/Previous buttons to cycle through these fixtures. Using the programmer time on the console is a good idea for RemDim/ Highlight, however potentially the digital crown could be used to set this time too? If you then come to a fixture you haven't included in the focus group, swiping left can then bring you to the simplified keypad for manual control, but potentially then use the programmer time? For example 1 @@ fading at the programmer time? If no fixtures have been selected, I agree I think pressing and holding Next/Previous to cycle through would be the best option, as the digital crown has the potential to be fiddly for this anyway. In terms of playback I agree it is very unlikely you would want to use the watch to actually playback the show, however having the ability for example the DSM or SM to have it on their wrists may be quite a nice feature. Swiping right or having a different user mode is a possible way to do this? My only thinking is whether Groups should also be accessed from the watch. To check your front wash after focusing the last fixture you can select your group, rather than go back through and find channel numbers. If so maybe this is what window should appear when swiping right. Interested to hear everyone's thoughts! Edward
  13. Hi Klaus, On the JesterML your LED PARs would count as fixtures rather than dimmers, and the Jester has a limit of 30 fixtures, so you'd have 5 spare after yours are patched in. Edward
  14. Hello Klaus, For a small budget it would be hard to beat the JesterML range. These desks can handle 30 fixtures over one universe. How many generic dimmers do you have? There is a JesterML24 and an ML 48 (24 channels for the ML24 and 48 channels for the ML48). http://www.zero88.com/products/consoles/jesterml24/index.shtml Hope this helps Edward
  15. Hallo, Finde die Datei... Cameo AUROSpot400.ift (27 Channel Mode) Edward
  16. Hi Alex, This file is for the Ayrton Nandobeam S3 in 20 channel Standard Mode: Ayrton NandoBeam S3.ift Edward
  17. You could do that using the Fixture Editor Software. Make a copy of the fixture you want and give it a user name. You can then load it into the console as a user fixture. Then repeat this for all the fixtures you want to use. Edward
  18. Edward

    DMX Values

    Hello, That's very odd, this isn't an option you can change on FLX (I don't think!?). Try saving the show, and then doing a Factory Reset in SETUP -> Clear Options. Edward
  19. In theory that would be best, however as the paper stated, fixture manufacturers vary from much more orangey-red ambers, to actually more like yellows, and therefore this could ruin the colour the console tries to create, rather than add to it. Edward
  20. Yes it will, what you actually need to add is an RGB fixture with a virtual intensity so the console works it out for you. This fixture is the one called "3ch (RGB) - (3 Chans)" Edward
  21. Ah no sorry forgot you were using a Solution, when you get to the bit where I've said set the quantity, you will actually be asked where you want to put them. This is where you manually tell the console which physical MFKs you want your fixtures on. To do this select a blank MFK fixture page, Press and Hold the first MFK, and then click the 18th MFK. Then release and it will automatically patch these sequentially, then click finish. Edward
  22. Hello, Unfortunately you can't rename fixtures on the Jester ML. However as there are 3 pages each of 10 fixture positions giving a total of 30, you can organise your fixtures across these pages to make it more visually meaningful. For example you could have Front of House fixtures on page 1 ordered stage right to stage left, and then over stage fixtures on page 2 running from stage right to stage left. Hope this helps Edward
  23. Hi Matthew, Have a play with the "Vertical line" and "Fly in" effects. Using the speed controls on the encoders, this may give you what you're after. Edward
  24. Hi James, The details are in the release notes that are included in the ZerOS download. Edward
  25. Having a look this morning, you can't go faster than 600BPM, however this should be plenty fast enough as that's advancing a cue 10 times per second. If you send the file over I can always take a look into why it's not running as expected. Edward
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