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  1. Accu Spot 250 ii.iftHello, Please find the file attached for the fixture in 9 channel mode. Hope this helps. Edward
  2. Hello, If you have programmed the LEDs in a cue stack and the colours are snapping when go is pressed and intensity fading, it sounds like you need to go over to the Colour Fade field in the cue stack table for that particular cue, and edit the colour time to the same time as the cue fade time, for example all fades for the cue of 3 seconds. In setup the default should be a colour fade of 3 seconds, but this could have been changed, resulting in a colour fade default of a snap. Hope this helps and answers your query. Edward
  3. Hello, Hope this reply isn't too late! Put the Jester into Program Mode (Press and hold Mode to get to program from Preset). Select the fixtures you would like to control the intensity of. Set them to full intensity, and then press any fader you would like. Now press the store button. You can now press mode again, and you now have access to your submasters. The fader you just programmed should now have it's LED underneath it lit, and will now act as an intensity master for your selected fixtures. Hope this makes sense and I have answered your question! Edward
  4. It looks like a great direction for ZerOS to head in, it works brilliantly on the FLX and I'd like that on my FROG2! Presumably this will lead to compatibility of ZerOS Wings with the FROG2 as well?
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