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My LeapFrog 48 has decided to stop reading the show files we have saved on the USB stick. It says in the load show dialogue box "select GFT file" and can only find one called "gft29_00_filtered.ift"


When I plug the USB stick into my computer all the show files are on there. I tried updating the console to the most recent software and it was able to see the shows but when I tried running one of them it didn't make any of the lights turn on.


I tried reinstalling the previous version of the OS, knowing the new version could see the show files, but it went straight back to the original problem of just showing the one gft named file.


Any suggestions? We have exams coming up and I need it working. No idea why it suddenly stopped working.






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I would advise you updating to the new software (ZerOS 7.9.2) but probably after your exams as there is quite a difference in operation.


If you are able to do a hard reset of the console. Do this in Setup -> Clear Options -> press and hold SHIFT + click Reset Desk. Doing this operation will clear any options you have set and reset the desk to factory. If you are happy to go ahead with then reboot the desk and try again.


I presume you are using version


Let me know how you get on,




Is that a touchscreen monitor? Thinking about it further another possibility (you may have already tried this) is that your touchscreen isn't calibrated, so when you click Load Show it's actually pressing Load User Fixtures?



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Short term solution :)


One of the MFKs was sticking, so it was selecting update user fixtures whenever we entered setup mode.


Long term we will need to look at the interface after the exams once we have updated to the new OS to try and work out how to make the current files work with the new OS...if anyone has any suggestions for that stage.



Thanks for the suggestions

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