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ETC Ion showfile import


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Hi chaps,

Urgent query, hope you can help...

I know FLX can read some ASCII showfiles.

Can FLX read a showfile from ETC Ion? I only need conventionals for a cut-down version of a larger show.

Do I need to confirm the particular software version running on the Ion and do I need to get it exported any specific way - I need to get the producer to email the ETC Ion showfile to me so it would be handy if I could give them specific instructions on how to get the correct format for the FLX to use. FLX will be ZerOS 7.9.4.

Anything else I need to know to facilitate this?

Thanks for any help.


ps, Yes I've seen this:


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Hi Kevin,

FLX cannot read ETC Eos show files. FLX can however read manufacturer specific data contained within the ASCII show files that Eos can export. I don't believe the Eos software version will matter.

Therefore either get the producer to send the ASCII export, or ask them to send the whole show file, and then using ETC Nomad (their equivalent of Phantom), export to ASCII yourself. You'll then be able to load the ASCII file into FLX.

Hope this helps, any queries let me know.


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35 minutes ago, Edward- Z88 said:

Yes that's correct Eos is their software platform that runs on Ion.

Aha. I was thinking Eos and Ion were two hardware variants (like Solution and FLX).

I guess you'd prefer my ignorance on ETC LX desks to me having a deep interest in them! 😁


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