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ZerOS 7.9.7 Released

Jon Hole

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Zero 88 are pleased to announce the launch of ZerOS version 7.9.7 software - a new software release for FLX, FLX S, ZerOS Server, ORB Series, Solution Series, SCD Server (& Pro) and Leapfrog 48 & 96 lighting consoles.

The download, along with more information, can be found at zero88.com/zeros

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Our contact details are:

email: support@zero88.com
phone: 01633 838088

Best Regards,

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Hi Eric,

11 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

m still on 7.9.5...

Can I go directly to the new 7.9.7 ? 

Thank for your answers and happy new year !

Happy New Year to you too. 

Yes as Kevin says, you can upgrade to 7.9.7 from 7.9.5.

ZerOS software versions are completely independent from one another, so you can upgrade/downgrade to and from any version. 


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I see this has a library included,  is this a new one with support for multicellular fixtures? (crosses fingers)

No, it doesn't. They are working on a new fixture library that will support that in the future. Since i have no longer time to wait for this feature i bought a chamsys mini pc wing and wait  now for the MQ70 to be delivered. I have some Astera FP1 Pixeltubes that have 16 pixel each. And it can't be handelt on my FLX S48. I like the FLX. Some things are nice and easy. But it's a pain that it's not possibel to control some multi fixture lamps out of the box. I have only a smal astera LED Setup for weddings with some AX3, 6 x AX5 and up to 6 FP1 tubes. And that should be possible wit a smal light desk. I also have some involight blinder bars with 10 warm white LEDs (LEDBAR FX103) and RGB backround control. When i patch 8 of these Bars my FLX S48 is full 😞 The infinity chimp lightning desk hat a same problem. They have now changed there fixture limit to unlimited, since they have there multi head fixture library not ready.

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