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Edward - there seems to be an issue with the order in which FLX displays the gobo preview images for the Combi Spot - the fixture definition is correct regards the thumbnails and the palettes are correct when the FLX encoder middle button for "gobo" is pressed, but the Auto-palettes generated under Beam have the gobo pictures shifted by one position - the split circle gobo should be "gobo 1/1" but is pictured for "gobo 1/7". I've factory reset the desk and started from scratch and this is repeatable. Why is this?

(ETA same behaviour in 7.9.7 as 7.9.5, fixture is Showtec Shark Combi spot as above, and is the only fixture patched).

Photos attached.

Palettes created by auto-palette. Note the split circle is 1/7, should be 1/1 and the rest shifted along by 1. See the encoder palettes in the second picture, where the gobo thumbnails are in the correct positions and result in the correct gobo in the fixture.


encoder palette_good.jpg

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