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Recalling movers on sub master without affecting other movers


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Probably a very simple question but I can’t get my head around it! I have a show set up of a few generics, LED’s and movers. 
I want to have a sub master fader which simply fades a single mover up and down in a predetermined position, but what mode and settings do I need to be in to stop the sub master from saving all my other movers positions and states when they are off? I have the light I want up and in position and everything else dark when I save.
The effect is have is currently my mover moving to the right place when the sub master is recalled - but every other mover that was on doing great moves goes off (as that is what it was when I saved it!). How do I make it not affected.

Many thanks for what is hopefully an easy solution! 

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You need to be in Partial Mode. (This in itself has a lot of implications if you're not already in Partial Mode if you've already programmed your show). I'd also ensure you have 10.12 software on the Frog and select Partial Mode with Tracking is what I'd recommend.

When you record the submaster, the only attribute that should be tagged is the appropriate attribute (intensity, colour, beamshape, position) of the mover you're talking about. Then when you raise this submaster then only information that will change is that attribute of that mover. I'm not clear from your question if you just want to fade up the intensity, or move the mover to a new position. Acoordingly before you record you should only tag the intensity or position of that mover.

When you know the solution, it's "easy" - however getting there may be a more complex journey, so I wish you good luck!

(This is all perfectly do-able on the Frog, but I don't think you can switch between Full and Partial mode without consequence, unlike the FLX's where you can switch the equivalent setting at will. With Frog you need to decide your programming approach [Full or Partial] upfront.).


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