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fat frog encoder wheel


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hi I need wheel/opto/hall new wheel, my middle wheel stopped working, i have swapped the connectors over and the fault moves so I know its the wheel  board failed, (tested all the connectors and all continuous and tried it in other positions so I think i have covered all possible problems.

Any ideas where to get a spare part, board or complete wheel board cable?

Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. 

24 minutes ago, davelowe said:

Any ideas where to get a spare part, board or complete wheel board cable?

Please drop us an email to support@zero88.com, and we’ll be able to let you know the availability. 

(I have deleted your duplicate post in the FLX S Forum).

If you have any questions let us know. 


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            If you can release the middle wheel from the front panel - check the small PCB on the side of the wheel is locked in place under the clips. Sometimes the PCB comes adrift slightly and the electronics don't read the wheel movement - click it back in to place and it should be OK. I've rarely known these to fail to be honest.

If you do need to replace - I have some good used encoders for sale - you can find my website under my profile or search "The Service Guy".

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On 11/17/2020 at 8:15 PM, davelowe said:

thanks, it is the board, I am pretty sure of that, I swapped it out with another working board to the same wheel and the wheel was ok.

I also checked the small resistor on the board as i know that these can be a bit flakey but that was ok as well.


If you let me know the PCB number of the board - I'm at my workshop on Friday & I'm pretty sure I should have one in my recovered spares stock, I'll have a look and check.

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