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BullFrog HTP and LTP (?)

Jake West

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Hi, so this question has probably been answered a thousand times, but just to get my head round it,

I've currently got 1 mover patched into and assigned as a fixture on the desk. I make that one do a movement effect, (ellipse) at a random speed and with the shutter open (at this point light is coming out of the lens). I program that into one of my submasters. 

Then all I want to do is to be able to program a shuttered strobe on one of my other submasters, but when the movement effect submaster is active, and I try to press the flash button to quickly strobe the fixture, the movement effect almost resets and then continues doing it's thing with the shutter strobing, but when I release the flash key it doesn't go back to the submaster that is currently up on the fader (which is running the movement effect with the shutter open) it instead latches and stays strobing and doing the movement effect.


All I want to know is how to quickly trigger the strobe via another submaster on it's flash key temporarily and then it goes back to the submaster fader that was originally on when I release the flash button, so it stops strobing and just goes to shutter open.

Is it something to do with HTP and LTP?


Thanks in advance! 


- Jake;

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  • Jake West changed the title to BullFrog HTP and LTP (?)

Brief flow:

You'll need to be in Partial Mode. If you're not already then there is fun to start with.

Then ensure the programmer is clear, select the fixture(s), change to put the strobe on only - don't change anything else otherwise you'll tag stuff you don't want to record.

Then when you Program to the Submaster, you should only have the Beamshape attribute tagged.

In theory, you'll need the submaster to release the strobe after letting go of the button. I'm not sure if BullFrog can do this, otherwise like you say, LTP will mean the strobe doesn't go off...

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Hi Jake,

Welcome to the Zero 88 forum.

As @kgallen says, sounds like to achieve what you're after, you will need to be in Partial programming mode. This means you can control what does and what doesn't get recorded into submasters. 

More information on page 59 of the PDF manual here...


If you have any questions let us know.


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