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  1. It is not possible to reduce the resolution of external monitors?
  2. I understood that the resolution of screens external is 1024x768. You can reduce it to 800x600, I have external touch screen monitors that are not works well with this resolution hight. Thank
  3. Hello, when start the console all active staks return a full dimmer with the fader lowered. Happy new year to all
  4. Sorry, after the reset the console, all Ok
  5. Hello, you can register an effect in a cue? I have done so: Creating or call a pallette with the effect, then RECORD (Tagged Parameters effect) S/C ENTER, but it is not registered, why? Thanks Piero
  6. pierotec

    Mix Cmy

    Ok, sure, albeit with different parameters the problem of mix does not arise. Thanks
  7. pierotec

    Mix Cmy

    Ok, done. Thank you
  8. pierotec

    Mix Cmy

    Hello, how can mix filters Cyan, Magenta and yellow of a fixture, on three UDF at gradual mode. We have probably change the parameters of the fixture with the fixture editor, but as I do. Thanks
  9. Hello, I think it would be interesting give time to fade even on "clear" key, which you think? Ciao Sorry I wrong forum topic
  10. You can separate the change page of the faders UDF of the keys UDK? Thank you
  11. Hello, where can I find frog2 remote software for pocket PC.
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