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  1. Hi Jon, the app in Flight Test has expired and now I have the previous problems. When you can have the app updated. Thank you P.
  2. It is no longer available in the catalog?
  3. Hi all, I would like to buy a original flight case for Frog2, also used. Thank you
  4. simple remote for iwatch, for example fixture number scroll and dimmer or highlight with the side encoder. The 90% of the time I use zeros remote I use this, to calibrate projectors. P.
  5. ok Jon, but there is something in commerce that converts a hue present on rgb video signal into a rgb dmx signal from interface on my super desk Frog2. P.
  6. Hi, I saw an interesting function on the FLX, ie get mix rgb on a picture. There is an interface that does this automatically following the hue of a video and transform, for example, in a mix rgb on three DMX channels. I need to follow the color-changing hues of a video that is staged. Thanks for the reply
  7. few news yet ... will be the new Frog2?
  8. something scheduled for iWatch? P.
  9. example screens of programming, ipad and iphone ... much better than iphone.
  10. Hi, I would like to use the graphical interface of the iPhone also on iPad. This is much more practical as a remote control, because the panel programming on ipad application is unusable with frog2 and even with leapfrog. Thanks P.
  11. pierotec

    auto menu

    Hi Jon, okay, the problem is that if I add new fixtures and use auto menus, will overwrites the previous palette that I had updated for my use. Thanks for answer Piero
  12. pierotec

    auto menu

    Hi, you can use the auto menu only for a selected group of fixtures? Piero
  13. Hi, I can not find any information on the SDC server, the product is soon to be released? Piero
  14. snapshot orb, the buttons correctly dimensioned
  15. - snapshot frog2 the buttons is very small
  16. excellent application for the iPad, very good as a remote window but does not practice as remote control. In the programming window the buttons are too small. To use a remote control is more convenient to use an iPhone. I hope we can solve for the future. Thanks Piero
  17. Hi Jon, you can create a special version of your main library for me with this fixure attached. Thanks Piero
  18. Hi Jon, yes, I am a beta tester :-) piero
  19. Hi, is possible to implement the midi show control also on the Frog2. Regards piero
  20. Hi Jon, here's the file. Thanks vl2000spot.ift
  21. Hi, I'm changing some parameters of a fixture with Fixture Tools. Everything works correctly, the only problem is that after the desk reboot the gobos icons disappear on the palette, why? Piero
  22. pierotec


    I'm sorry but I don't find this function Piero
  23. pierotec


    how do you activate the "solo" on a submaster of frog2? piero
  24. pierotec


    sintax RECORD GO in relatively rapid sequence Thanks Piero debug_23-4-2013_10-43-31.dat debug_23-4-2013_10-45-32.dat
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