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  1. Hi, thanks for having considered my idea. Surely everything should remain as it is now. If we need this function can block and multiply the display of the stack that we wish have always on top, for example with VIEW and (SHIFT) SELECT buttons Thanks Piero
  2. Hello, I noticed that it would be very handy have displayed more of a cue / stack window in contemporary. What do you think? Pierotec
  3. Hello, I recharged the previous release 4.3.0 and the problem is resolved. Someone found the same problem with the release 4.4.0.? piero
  4. Hi Peter, maybe I expressed myself badly, try to recall a sequence of ten fixture any, one by one and change the parameters with the control wheels (as the exemple that I did in the previous post). In this way my desk goes in crash. Thank for answers Piero
  5. Hi, after the crash the desk does not generate debug file, The crash is systematically with this line example: 1,enter,control wheel 2,enter,control wheel 3,enter,control wheel 4,enter,control wheel 5,enter,control wheel 6,enter,control wheel 7,enter,control wheel 8,enter,control wheel 9,enter,control wheel 10,enter,control wheel this sequenze is exemple, after the 9 - 10 call fixture, the desk go in crash. Can you confirm this with release 4.4.0? Thank
  6. Thank you, I will do tests to see if there is a special command line that triggered the crashes. I did not understand when the desk has created the file debug, where can I find this file? Piero
  7. Hi, i have made an update from version 4.3.0 to 4.4.0. Now the frog2 crashes very often (cross on the screen1) with the previous release 4.3.0 not happening. What can i do ? Can i make a downgrade to version 4.3.0. to see if it should be better. You can also load show saved with functionality asclusive of OS 4.4.0 on OS 4.3.0 Thanks for the answers Piero
  8. Hi is verified or is it just my problem? (UDFin 30 does not work)
  9. Ciao, Release 4.4.0 UDFs 30 no works, Dmx is not assigned Piero
  10. ..... I bought Frog2 after have tried the operation with the offline editor.
  11. Hello, it would be interesting to have an offline editor also for Jester ML. Ciao pierotec
  12. Hi, in the previous version software was possible to visualize on the screen divided into four, about 25 palettes, and this was very handy when you use a exsternal touch screen, in the current software version it possible visualize only 15, in my opinion was more useful to visualize plus pallets on the screen. Thank for your answers Ciao pierotec
  13. Ok! fantastic I believe it is not specified on user manual Ciao pierotec
  14. Hello, it is possible add the recorded macros in the cue? Ciao pierotec
  15. Hello, I working very in theatre and with the headlights hidden it would be useful to moved pan and tilt of the headlights motorized with remote pda from the stage and then create a palette. But does not seem there is the possibility to move pan and tilt by remote control. For the remainder of the remote control is very useful, especially when working with little technical staff, we can do everything ourselves. Ciao
  16. Hello, it would be interesting give different functionality to the DmxIn. For example, activation of UDF or UDK or activation sequences or palettes etc.. Now is just a simple Dmx merge patched, during a live-show is little usable because however easily influenced also by the Clear button. However Frog2 the best console Ciao
  17. Ciao, it is possible utilize the touchscreen keyboard in the setup - save show? Thank you
  18. Hello, with the external touchscreen, it would be convenient to store or call the palettes with time fade. pierotec
  19. It is not possible to reduce the resolution of external monitors?
  20. I understood that the resolution of screens external is 1024x768. You can reduce it to 800x600, I have external touch screen monitors that are not works well with this resolution hight. Thank
  21. Hello, when start the console all active staks return a full dimmer with the fader lowered. Happy new year to all
  22. Sorry, after the reset the console, all Ok
  23. Hello, you can register an effect in a cue? I have done so: Creating or call a pallette with the effect, then RECORD (Tagged Parameters effect) S/C ENTER, but it is not registered, why? Thanks Piero
  24. pierotec

    Mix Cmy

    Ok, sure, albeit with different parameters the problem of mix does not arise. Thanks
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