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  1. Hi, I'm changing some parameters of a fixture with Fixture Tools. Everything works correctly, the only problem is that after the desk reboot the gobos icons disappear on the palette, why? Piero
  2. pierotec


    I'm sorry but I don't find this function Piero
  3. pierotec


    how do you activate the "solo" on a submaster of frog2? piero
  4. pierotec


    sintax RECORD GO in relatively rapid sequence Thanks Piero debug_23-4-2013_10-43-31.dat debug_23-4-2013_10-45-32.dat
  5. pierotec


    Thanks Jon and Franck, the desk is frog2 new hardware, one USB (on the old frog2 from zeros7 onwards does not work well), the current release is 7.6.0, probably I was wrong to attach the debug file. I check and attach the correct file, sorry.
  6. pierotec


    Hi, -when using the syntax RECORD GO to a sequence of multiple cue, the desk crashes. attached the debug file. -when using the direct channel selection from the Output Window and press Enter once you activate the syntax Enter Enter. -as you activate the 'solo' on Frog2 ? -strange viewing when and active TIME in the palette (picture below) for the future: -because it not enable the syntax PAGE n, very useful in creating macros for example. -you can add in the setup the time default also for the palette? as for UDF UDK etc.. excuse me for my suggestions, I think they can be useful for many. Thanks piero debug.dat
  7. Hi, how can I open an ascii file or txt on frog2. when it is loaded only displays the list cue, with the crossfade time, triggers etc.. but no patch channel. Piero
  8. Hi, I would like to use the internal CD player to the console syncronized to a cue list to send audio. I noticed, however, a poor quality audio in output jack from the console (distorted sound). Is there any solution to this problem? Piero
  9. problem with TIME RECORD UDF. example: on my frog2 when record TIME on UDF10 (or else) and click GO button on stack 10 (or else), turn on and off the button UDF10 (activate time). I hope I was clear Piero
  10. Hi, you can find out what's new in this release with the release notes. Thanks Piero
  11. I get it! but why this feature is not present in the top desk? Piero
  12. Hi Jon, I do not find this setting in the desk setup ??? Piero
  13. Hi, you can make a patch dimmer to channel in live mode, example: 1 (highlight) @ 5; highlight function is to locate the device or dimmer on stage during the patch. Excuse my suggestions. Thanks Piero
  14. Hi, it would be possible to add in a future release the possibility a various patch curve on single dmx channels?. It would be also possible to implement this syntax: eg. CUE 1/1 THRU 1/5 TIME x/y. Thanks Piero
  15. Very very thanks, Peter and Franck. Zero88 the best. Piero
  16. I have given this files......??? files Memorie Spark.zip
  17. Hi, can be convert a simple cue list with only dimmer channels by Compulite Spark to Frog2 Thanks Piero
  18. release 7.4: is available on image CD? Thanks Piero
  19. Hi, I use the application for Ipad. I would like to know if your application for tablet Android is equal to that for Ipad. Thanks Piero
  20. Hi, I have two frog2, with a new hardware and one with old hardware, this seems like a problem that occurs with consoles that have old hardware, but still work regularly. Piero
  21. Hi, I have the same problem with the new release 7.2. The monitors does not works on both my Frog 2, an with old hardware and an new hardware. is there any solution Piero
  22. Hi Peter, I solved the problem, thanks for the suggestions. Piero
  23. Hi, I have not solved my problem You have some information about this? Thanks
  24. Hi, strange, I have a frog2 which should have the same software, the correct syntax is "RECORD CUE n" or "DELETE CUE n" Piero
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