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  1. Hi Peter, there was verified an crash with release 5.4.0 and iphone connected. Attached the file debug Piero debug.dat
  2. Battery changed, but the problem persists Piero
  3. Hi, in the new release 5.4.0 is available the function overwrite and new function merge, that could solve your problem ciao
  4. Hi Peter, I did a downgrade to version 5.3.5 and everything works perfectly. However will change equally the battery for be sure. Piero
  5. Hello Peter, thanks for the reply. The strange thing is that with the previous release 5.3.5 this problem has never even occurred once occasionally. This is a problem that I have already found in version 5.0.0 and 5.3.0 and later resolved with the release 5.3.5. I will try to change the battery, hoping to solve the problem. When the remote iphone will be available, it will be compatible with previous releases to 5.4.0 ......(when will available??) Thanks on the answer. Piero
  6. Hi Peter, In my old frog2 this release has one problem as version 5.3.0., That is after the reboot the desk is deleted everything (no show files, no fixture, no desk setup) seems bug ZOS2947 Thanks on the answer. Piero
  7. Hello, I need to sync my frog2 with a CD player with output AES/EBU. You can synchronize the output AES/EBU with input SMPTE of the Frog2 piero
  8. Hello Jimbob, I've solved all problems on the Frog2 with the new release 5.3.5 I hope to help Piero
  9. Thanks Team Zero88, the new release 5.3.5 seems to work perfectly on my old Frog2
  10. Hello everyone, I too have an old hardware that works well and smoothly with R4.4.4. Is true by installing the fixture library 20.0 the desk works well also with the release 5.3, but at me, after the reboot the desktop is completely empty of everything (total reset: no show, no fixture, no desk setup). Hope that in future the old frog2 may be updated. I find it very good to work with this desk. Hello Piero
  11. Hi Peter, thanks for answer, this problem not occurs with r4.4.4, the my hardware is older for this new release 5.2.2??
  12. Hello, is only my problem? every time you restart the desk is cleared the show file and settings of desk setup. Piero
  13. Hello, v5.2.2 reset desk, and delete showfile after restart.
  14. hello, you can load the fixture library 21 on the release 4.4.4. piero
  15. Hello, Elara MK1 (grey) piero
  16. Hello, I tried also with a desk Zero88 Elara, but is not detected on the signal Dmx-In With other desks sometimes is detected but it is very unstable and sometimes freezes the Frog2. Thanks for the answers Piero
  17. Hi Peter, I mean the fixture library does not to those used in the show files. Opportunity to make another question, I noticed that it would be useful in some applications of the desk "live", thanks to graphics that helps, have the palette always active, as if they were UdK ready and not easily erased by the Clear button, but which remain blocked until the next command the another palette or else command. Thanks for your patience. Piero
  18. Hello, I would like to know whether you can removed all the unused fixture. By doing this, you can speed up the desk with old hardware? The start of the desk with the new release and very slow, depends on the new graphics functions? Thanks for your reply piero
  19. pierotec

    video out 2

    Thank you, would therefore be possible to upgrade the old hardware with the new?. Or this is not recommended because doing so would be complex, or because it would cost much hight. ciao piero
  20. pierotec

    video out 2

    Hi Peter, I wanted to know if have been improved others functionality on new frog2 with new hardware. Hello piero
  21. pierotec

    video out 2

    Hello, you can improve the quality of video2 why do not see any new features graphics of new firmware on the video2 (example: colour picker or colour scheme orb) Ciao piero
  22. hello, unfortunately I think that "showport" works only with files strand lighting and not with other type such as those with ETC suffix "asc or SHV" regards piero
  23. many thanks, I will make of the tests with this software regards piero
  24. Hello, I wanted to know if you can convert the files *.asc to files *.isf for frog2 Thank you piero
  25. Hello Peter, I make a practical example: with a console type "SGM Studio 12" the signal is recognized as soon as I enter the connector, with other type "Showtec", "Behringer", or "Martin Proscenium DMX" the signal is not recognized or accepted rarely. Thanks piero
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