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  1. Hi, as I wrote also on another post, I think the current remote app should be able to be set to work with the old consoles while maintaining the old features. otherwise changing smartphone we can no longer take advantage of the remote app on our consoles. P.
  2. I believe reality it is easier to display a position or color parameter etc. in percentage, instead of example 65,500
  3. it would be useful to setup on remote app the old or new console, in order to use the same app for all the console
  4. Hi, I work with the flx console and the "old" Frog2 (for me it's always the most flexible). With my smartphone and smarduckch I would like to use the new features of the remote control with the flx and be able to use at the same time my smartphone with the Frog2. There is a solution? can I use two App on the same smartphone an updated and an old one? The problem obviously is that the new updated remote no longer works on frog2
  5. perfect, can also be done something on flx s? Thank you
  6. Hi, I noticed that it's gone Edit Fixture in the Setup on last consoles. There is only the possibility of reversing pan tilt and little else. Previously it was possible to set the console also default parameters (very important to me), levels max etc. it would be nice to be able to reintroduce them Thank you
  7. It does not seem to me that it works. I will try again but it is not very comfortable however on the old zerOs on Frog2 the type of visualization was settable Thanks for your answers Edward
  8. Hi, how can I configure the percentage display on the encoder wheels Thank you
  9. Hi, how can I configure pause on a cue/stack, without excluding the GO button. Thank you
  10. with the update the fixture library 33 has been loaded regularly P.
  11. Help, I can not load gft33 in my frog2 zeros 7.8.0, at the end loading from memory error. do I have to update for strength? Piero
  12. Hi, I currently work with zeros 7.8.0. What are the differences with zeros 7-8-2-39. I have no problems with 7.8.0 and I do not want to risk updating uselessly. Thank you Piero
  13. sorry, it was just a connection problem. you can delete the post Thank
  14. Hi, the new remote release does not work on frog2, how can I go back? P.
  15. the beta version of 8.0 had already been launched more than five years ago with pixel mapping..
  16. Hi, qlab is very good with timecode you can command the show in ZerOs console. It would have even good to have in ZerOS the midi notes function or midi show control and have even the midi out on the console for trigger the qlab. P.
  17. No update for my fantastic frog2?
  18. Hi everyone, I remain by my idea. Few things..selection and highlight
  19. All excellent ideas. I think for watch may be already sufficient that one shown in the up picture, for focus tool is necessary few things. For everything else there's the smartphone in your pocket. P.
  20. Hi Jon, this is good news..... The focus tool is the ideal application for smart watch, I had proposed two years ago . You can also use digital crown to faster scroll the fixtures an push to select. P.
  21. perfect, many thanks P.
  22. Hi, I wanted to know if the Frog2 is still upgradeable to the latest ZerOS. Is reliably? P.
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