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  1. Hi Peter, here are two snapshots with v6.0 and v6.1. They look the same! I hope this can help Thanks Piero
  2. Hi Franck, are the touch screen (type resistive) Chinese production that are distribuited with different brands. http://www.faytech.de/product_show.php?id=11 However, they worked perfectly up to the 6.0.0 release. I can provide the drivers, if they can serve Thanks Piero
  3. Help, my monitor touchscreen no work any more with the release 6.1.0 . You can add the drivers I have on file Thanks Piero
  4. Hi, I can not to communicate my Frog2 with Wysiwyg. I tried several ways but always Wysiwyg this message (image 1) I state that everything working using PhantomZerOS, but Frog2 does not work. Restarting the desk you see this message (image 2) Thank for answers
  5. thank for the answer, works also with interface enttec dmxpro usb...and dongle, naturally. Hi Piero
  6. Hi, you can activate an output dmx on phantomOS. If so, how Thank
  7. the remote monitor for IPad is very very good, I would have preferred an window "panel" with keys plus big and command line present Thanks Piero
  8. pierotec

    remote monitor

    Hi Jon, when using "panel" on desktop monitor, the page number display change in continuation piero
  9. also update stack/cue I noticed an anomaly. The stack 1 appears to function properly stacks 2-3-4-etc. occurs this problem shown in photos thanks to you, I work very well with your products best regards Piero
  10. yes, but the release is 6.0.0. selecting UDK 1/1 the button not turns red, and the command line turns red for error sintax
  11. okay, however the problem is also viewable on PhantomZerOS Hi Piero
  12. in particular update on the UDF and UDK. using the graphical interface on the touchscreen, the sintax is not complete I hope I was clear thanks
  13. Hi, in release 6.0.0, the update window not working properly or not I understood Thanks Piero
  14. is alredy available the application ipad monitor? ciao piero
  15. Hi, this release is compatible with all frog2, also older hardware? Thanks Piero
  16. Hello, I had already reported the same problem on my frog2 old model, I resolved to return Release 5.3.5. Hopefully a new release that solves the problem on our old desks (I have two USB ports on front) Piero
  17. something similar has happened to me on frog2 Piero debug.dat
  18. pierotec

    bump flash

    sorry I was not clear, I meant the function solo Thanks
  19. pierotec

    bump flash

    is possible apply bump funcion on flash keys Piero
  20. Hi Peter, I wanted to know if there is an upcoming scheduled release of software to solve problems reported. Currently I use the release 5.3.5 that works well Piero
  21. Hi Peter, there was verified an crash with release 5.4.0 and iphone connected. Attached the file debug Piero debug.dat
  22. Battery changed, but the problem persists Piero
  23. Hi, in the new release 5.4.0 is available the function overwrite and new function merge, that could solve your problem ciao
  24. Hi Peter, I did a downgrade to version 5.3.5 and everything works perfectly. However will change equally the battery for be sure. Piero
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