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Channel (1-12) faders not working on Fat Frog


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I carefully changed battery on my fat frog (2007 version) and when powered up chan flash buttons for 1-12 permanently on. faders not working and GM only displays to 78%. Also the override pot on 'Go' is flashing !  Looking like fader board has gone down as if I disconnect it rest of desk seems to work.  Any advice please and..... I guess obvious question - any one know (if or) where spares are available.

UPDATE:  I'm pleased to say problem solved checked the DIP switch and one had been changed (found what they should be on the Forum - thanks)

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Oh, the old "I just changed the battery but magically the DIP switch settings (on the fader PCBs nowhere near the main-board PCB) got changed" issue. DIP switches are hard enough to change when you deliberately want to change them, I've never figured how the DIP switches inside Frog consoles get accidentally changed and I've done the battery inside mine 4 or 5 times... 😏

Anyway, glad you're sorted!

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