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Alphapack 3



Alphapack 3 can be controlled using the local channel faders, or via a DMX512 signal. When both are used, the controls are mixed on a “highest-takes-precedence” basis. The Alphapack 3 uses three DMX addresses – one for each of the channels. Addresses are always a sequential block of three addresses, starting at the “DMX Start Address”.

Dmx Pinout

DMX512 connectors

The input connector is via a 5 pin male XLR with loopthrough on a 5 pin female XLR.

DMX start address switches

These three switches set the DMX start channel for the pack. One switch controls the “hundreds”, another the “tens” and the other the “units”. A small screwdriver or trim tool is required to adjust the address settings.


  • Off: No DMX data received
  • Slow flash: DMX data errors occurring
  • Fast flash: DMX data is being received, but is not dimmer data (start code non-zero)
  • On: DMX dimmer data is being received OK. 

DMX Termination

No termination is provided on the Alphapack 3. Termination of the DMX line can be achieved by inserting a termination plug into the loop through connector.

DMX Fail

In the event of the loss of DMX input, the outputs will fade to zero over 1 second. Please note that the channel faders will remain available.