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Alphapack 3



The Alphapack 3 is designed to operate on 200 – 250V single phase AC supply at 50Hz. The Alphapack 3 may not operate satisfactorily outside these conditions.

  • Power Input: Via fixed 3m cable
  • Max Current: Limited to 16A (+/- 1.5A)
  • No Load consumption: 6W
  • Min Input Impedance: 80kΩ
  • Earth Leakage: <1mA

  • This product must be earthed
  • Apparatets stikprop skal tilsluttes en stikkontakt med jord, som giver forbindelse til stikproppens jord.
  • Laite on liitettävä suojakoskettimilla varustettuun pistorasiaan
  • Apparatet må tilkoples jordet stikkontakt
  • Apparaten skall anslutas till jordat uttag