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Alphapack 3



The Zero 88 Alphapack 3 is a three channel power controller capable of driving up to 6.3 amps of lighting control per channel.


The total current consumption of the Alphapack 3 is 16 amps.

  • Load per channel 0.2A Min; 6.3A Max
  • Max. load per channel 1.44kW @ 230V
  • No Load consumption 6W

Each channel is protected by a 6.3amp ceramic 5mm x 20mm “F Type” fuse.


A current detection circuit monitors the input current to the Alphapack 3 at all times to protect the machine from being inadvertently overloaded.

The total current limit for each machine is factory set as follows:

  • UK: 13 A
  • Neutrik Powercon TRUE1: 16 A
  • CEE 22: 10 A
  • Swiss: 10 A
  • French: 16 A
  • Schuko: 16 A

Should an attempt be made to overload the Alphapack 3, the outputs of all three channels will be reduced, and the “Autoprotection activated” LED will be illuminated.


The loads may be resistive or inductive and include tungsten, transformer driven low voltage and quartz halogen. Some highly inductive loads such as neon will require a ballast load of at least 100 Watts.

Fusing of Inductive Loads

All inductive loads (e.g. transformer driven lamps) must be fitted with a separate fuse of the correct value per lamp or fitting. Failure to fit the correct fuse may mean that any supply disturbances could cause damage to the lamp’s transformer. A good earth connection is essential.